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Learn how to use manifestation to change your life today!

This program is perfect for anyone looking to understand how the power & techniques of manifestation can help them change their thoughts, feelings and entire reality.

The Content

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In this 30 minute program, we will cover a variety of topics, including:

What is it th
at separates us from others?

The mind-body connection
The Autonomic Nervous System
Brain waves
Manifestation techniques
Laws of the Universe

+ more!

Experience & Expertise

This program has been designed & developed by experienced practitioners of manifestation, Robert Hisee and Ted Lawlor.

Robert Hisee is the UK's #1 Unconscious Mind Therapist & Ted Lawlor is an award-winning author who used manifestation to change his life around.

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Manifesting More

Preview a segment of the Manifesting More program:

Get a great understanding of visualisation, including the various methods to use and the science behind this power.


Hosted by

Ted Lawlor

Ted is an Unconscious Mind Therapist, breathwork practitioner and manifestation advocate with over 7 years experience of harnessing the power of manifestation.

Program User

"This was absolutely spot on! Thank you for reaffirming what I've had inside of me and was aware of subconsciously and giving me a jolt." 
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