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Learn the science behind visualisation.

This foundational program is perfect for anyone who is keen to gain a comprehensive understanding of visualisation, how to visualise effectively and the effect of visualisation on our mind and body.

The Content

1: The Power of The Mind

1.1: The Mind-Body Connection
1.2: The Motor Cortex
1.3: Neurons
1.4: Brain Waves
1.5: The RAS

2: Introduction to Visualisation

2.1: What is Visualisation
2.2: The Benefits of Visualisation
2.3: Types of Visualisation
2.4: When to Visualise

3: The Impact of Visualisation

3.1: The Autonomic Nervous System
3.2: Associations

4: Visualisation Tutorials

4.1: How to setup a Visualisation
4.2: How to work through a Visualisation
4.3: How to close a Visualisation

Experience & Expertise

This program has been designed & developed by experienced practitioners of manifestation, Robert Hisee and Ted Lawlor.

Robert Hisee is the UK's #1 Unconscious Mind Therapist & Ted Lawlor is an award-winning author who used manifestation to change his life around.

Ted Lawlor and Robert Hisee w Logo Board

Visualisation Foundations

Preview a segment of the Visualisation Foundation program:

Get a great understanding of visualisation, including the various methods to use and the science behind this power.


Hosted by

Ted Lawlor

Ted is an Unconscious Mind Therapist, breathwork practitioner and manifestation advocate with over 7 years experience of harnessing the power of manifestation.

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